The Montgomerie Maxx Royal,
Belek, Antalya, Turkey
Since it opened in October 2008 (formerly known as the Papillon Golf Club), Montgomerie, like its namesake has endured criticism. This, in the course's case has been almost exclusively aimed at the long waste bunkers edging and eating into some of the fairways. Colin and his team took a chance on these as a prominent feature but I fail to see the problem and think it’s such negative comments are emanating from high-handicap golfers who have fallen fowl of these somewhat pervasive sandy stretches.

Better players will gain a much better impression of the course. Montgomerie has been built, like any good course, to offer an unadulterated, honest test of a player's abilities. And this it does admirably. Off the yellow tees those waste bunkers are often in play. Off the whites it's an exciting, exhilarating challenge that makes more sense of the bunkering, taking out of play those that you might otherwise roll into. You are obliged to play for the safe landing zones on which there is plenty space. We’ve played the course four times thus far and rarely succumbed to the sandy wastes. The message is to study the course planner before each drive and play off the most suitable tees.

We hope you enjoy the videos - we have one about the course and another about the clubhouse!

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