Lykia Links, Belek, Antalya, Turkey

Lykia Links is as good as you’ll find on the Mediterranean but the dune-like terrain has been shimmied, shaped and shored-up with shipped-in sand by the tonne. Besides this, some links purists might also wonder what those bunker sleepers are (old railway ties) protruding from the sand like Cadbury Flakes from an ice cream cone. The effect is quite dramatic - if a little superfluous.

Like any seaside links, wind is a feature and you need to adapt your approach technique. Several of the greens are raised but there are plenty on the level where (you will soon learn) its best to land short and let the ball run in rather than hit the greens hard and shoot off through the back.

Perry O. Dye has certainly designed something different here. It’s a long, demanding test even for low handicaps but in another year or so, given better conditioning and perhaps a slightly lower green fee, it could become one of the most attractive courses on the Med. It presently takes around 40 minutes to drive from Belek to Lykia but I heartily recommend including Lykia Links in your itinerary.

We hope you enjoy the video!

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